NEW VLOG UPLOADED – We explored Wentworth Falls. Trying the Dji Mavic drone for the 1st time..

New drone test run, kids exploring, drone cuts finger and Trent cracks his new Samsung 10! Oh what a weekend.

This weekend we packed our bags, 3 kids into the car and drove up the the road to explore the Charles Darwin walk at Wentworth Falls in hope to capture some amazing views of the Blue Mountains with the new drone. Its Winter here in Australia but this weekend of course had to be the foggiest one yet!
A 40 minute drive up the highway and we had arrived in the cute little down called Wentworth Falls.
Wentworth Falls is a town in the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales, situated approximately 100 Kilometers west of the Sydney CBD, and about 8m km east of Katoomba. Filled with family run businesses, an array of coffee shops, heritage buildings and large maple trees.
What I love about Wentworth Falls is there are so many hidden bush walks that not even the locals know about! Its peaceful and the views and waterfalls are amazing!

The Charles Darwin Walk. The entry to this walk was not very hard to find – if you know the right websites to search (I always use Wild walks). The track is clear and well sign posted.

Today we followed in the footsteps of the famous naturalist, Charles Darwin, who walked this popular track in 1836. Starting from Wilson Park. A great walk for adults and kids to stroll the boardwalk and bush track through open forest, shrub, and hanging swamps to the national park boundary, where the walk meets Weeping Rock loop.

Along the way, Jamison Creek’s rock pools and cascades are tranquil spots to cool your feet on a hot day but with today’s weather I was in thermals and a jacket so there was no way I was getting in the water. Bird watchers should keep an eye out for honeyeaters, shrub wrens, and the raucous black cockatoos that can’t resist the native banksia trees. It was nice walking through the bush and hearing the black cockatoos in the distance.

Weeping Rock

From the park boundary, it’s only 400m to Wentworth Falls via picturesque Weeping Rock, or 15mins to Wentworth Falls picnic area. Spend some time exploring the many walks and lookouts in the park, including Fletchers lookout, that offer incredible views of the waterfall and vast Jamison Valley, before retracing your steps back along the walk or taking Falls Road from Wentworth Falls picnic area back to town.

Today we did the loop, started at the tennis courts and ended at the Queens Cascade waterfalls where Trent got to finally test out the Dji Mavic drone, as Trent also discovered those little plastic drone blades are sharp! Drone 1 – Trent’s finger 0.. But the footage we captured is amazing! So disappointing about the heavy fog, but just means we will have to come back and do it all again! Watch our latest YouTube video to see how it went.

There’s never a dull moment with us, if its not me slipping over something, us climbing over no go zones or Trent hanging off the edge somewhere, we always come back with a story. Unfortunately today it was Trent’s new 1 week old Samsung 10 phone who copped it, while Trent was being a gentleman and helping me up on a waterfalls edge he slipped and crack went the phone.. sorry hun.
The drone was great, it flew well in the fog and light breeze conditions. Each battery lasted about 17 minutes so Trent was glad he brought the extra accessories pack. It worked well with the control and uses your phone as a viewing screen. The features are great like the return to home selection and auto take off. The footage was so clear with so much detail in 4K, it was never out of focus and it has great obstacle avoidance built in. Trent can explain the drone in more depth – but Im a fan already! Of course with anything you need alot of practice to make perfect and Im sure the vlogs will look even more amazing over time.

5.6Km and 2 hours later we were back at the car with 3 very hungry, muddy but happy kids, a cut finger and a drone with 3 flat batteries. It was another awesome weekend exploring our amazing country to share with the world!

Entry to the Charles Darwin Walk, Wentworth Falls

Laura x

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