Questions and answers with Laura and Trent

I love inquisitive people, as I am one myself, so today we will answer the most common travelling questions – for a bit of fun.

  • You have both grown up in Sydney Australia and have both travelled over seas. where would be your next travel destination in your own country and why?
    Trent: I would love to go.. oooo this one is tricky. Western Australia. I haven’t done a lot of research on destination in our own region because…well it is cheaper to go overseas which is really disappointing. I think I say Western Australia because of the diversity; from Perth, to the Margaret River and the endless national parks and amazing outback. I want natural hot springs, lakes and rivers for days, waterfalls and nature parks of birds and trees. The options are endless.

    Laura: Perth, WA. I’ve never been so I cant say how amazing it is, but it looks like it has so many beautiful things to offer. I want to explore Cottesloe Beach, Rottnest Island and of course to see the cute quokkas.
  • Besides over packing or cramming too many things-to-do in one day, what’s a top travel mistake you see people do?
    Trent: I think for me, the biggest one is planning out everything to this crazy schedule and then being overwhelmed with. Oh crap! it’s 3.09pm I should be doing this, but I’m doing that. ahhhhhh. NO! this just will never cut it for me. I say make a few plans of things you really want to see and do, then let the world do its thing.. Explore unscheduled, be guided by what pops up in front of you. Change your plans, do different things. Do what the locals do.

    Laura: People wasting their precious holiday time arguing over the most silliest things. Eg: – parents whining because their kids are running near the water’s edge getting wet, that there isn’t enough salt on their meal, that a sandwich is $12 so they will go without.’ You are on holidays, have fun, enjoy it, make fun memories, not wasting time whinging over the simplest things.
  • What foods from the AUS do you miss the most when traveling over seas?
    Trent: I think it would be ultimately coffee. everything else, I can live without. I am not one of those MUST HAVE VEGEMITE people.

    Laura: I dont really miss Australian foods when travelling because Im too busy trying what other countries have to offer but if I had to choose something it would have to be vegemite, I love it on toast in the mornings.
  • People can be very hospitable when you visit their country and it can change ones perspective of the world. Could you tell us a story of the best hospitality you’ve experienced during your travels?
    Trent: It would have to be some of my most memorable moments on the First Contact show I did. I got to go to peoples homes, live in their shoes, and on this, they shared everything they had even if it was just a little. Specifically, an aboriginal man named Timmy, at Elcho Island in the Far West Region invited us into his home. He moved all his family out of this one room just to accommodate us. Nothing was too hard. To him, what was his was mine and he would let me have his last tea-bag if it meant making me feel part of his family. AND, it did.

    Laura: I love the different cultures in the places I have been to. Cook Islands were very welcoming people and always happy. But surprisingly my visit to a little old Portland, US farm town was filled with such welcoming and hospitable people. We visited a friend’s grandparents diner and it was lovely, they made me the best off the menu chicken burger. The men tipped their hats and opened the doors for women, old couples still sharing milkshakes at the diner and everyone made me feel welcome – with the odd ‘do you have kangaroos as pets?’ question thrown in. Everyone was approachable and I loved the fact that strangers would compliment people they never met. It made me realise how other countries are different to our communities mannerisms.
  • What was the funniest, strangest, or most insightful thing a local while travelling has said to you?
    Trent: I am going to put a massive spin on this one. Because, I have had many of these things happen to me, but I have to tell you about something that took place in my own backyard. On a train, into central. I was dressed to impress and was going for an interview for a new position at work. This older lady was peering over my shoulder reading some of my… sensitive reading material as last minute study notes. Next thing… She’s quizzing me and pretending to be the interview panel asking me questions about the position. This lasted all the way into town. I was perplexed, bemused but overwhelmingly accepting, as the lady was travelling to a seniors meeting into town. I didn’t get the job… but it was the way she spoke to me.

    Laura: Well in Portland where cannabis is legal, you run into alot of funny & strange people. One night lining up to get into a bar there was a man in line with his pet goat, yes a goat, of course he got turned away. But the conversation we had with this odd fellow was hilarious. He sat outside the bar for 3 hours telling on lookers how goats are people too and that animals should have the same rights as us. Portland’s slogan ‘keep Portland weird’ fits.
  • In the past you have mostly solo traveled. Do you feel as you get older that you’re more opened to traveling with someone else? Or do you think you’re so used to going solo that you struggle with the idea of traveling with another person?
    Trent: I have done the Solo travel. Im ready for more great adventures with Laura and the kids. Don’t get me wrong I loved every single moment of my solo adventures and believe it made me a more resilient traveller but times a changing. I want adventures and excitement and smiles and laughter with family that I can make lasting memories with. It’s already happening.. Hawaii was an example of that.
  • Laura: Of course, now that I have found such an awesome guy who loves to travel like me, we do it so well together, I cant wait for more amazing adventures with Trent and our fam. Dont get me wrong I will always encourage people to solo travel, its great fun and empowering, but its also nice to share adventures with loved ones.
  • What’s a new skill you’d like to have or learn?
    Trent: Id love to learn photography or video editing…. I have always been one to take so many photos and I love memories that get created on facebook, reminding me five years later. I find it so rewarding seeing people I love faces’ five years later from a photo I took. Same with video editing. I am only just starting, but its growing on me.

    Laura: Besides being an amazing creative photographer, Id love to learn more languages. I enjoyed learning French years ago , Ive now forgotten most of it, so I wish I had the skill to speak other languages especially when travelling to their countries.   
  • What was your most scariest moment when travelling?
    Trent: It would have to be the near misses, by one day of a few terrorist attacks or public incidents after my Travels. London > London acid attack. Paris > Paris attack. LA > Las Vegas Shooting. I have been very lucky, to have just left the country or in the Vegas example, I changed my plans. 

    Laura: It would be in downtown Portland USA. I was there for a show when an angry local was not happy were staff had parked their cars. He was very vocal, apparently had a gun and was going to use it. But thankfully police were there within 3 minutes resolving it. Coming from a gunless society this was an eye-opener for me that so many people in America have guns on them and can use them at any time. 
  • What do you enjoy more, blogging or vlogging?
    Trent: Vlogging, but a quick runner up would be blogging as I would consider myself an okay writer.

    Laura: Ahhh this is a hard one! I love writing blogs, getting everything out of my head onto paper.. computer screen. But I also love being creative making vlogs. I like writing about raw content that interests others. But on the flip side – to vlog is to explore and discover. I love exploring, getting creative and filming things from our view. I will say I dont like the long editing process, but I love watching our videos once complete.
  • If you could move anywhere in the world where would it be?
    Trent: Move…. Thats a hard one as I am always think about Reece. But I could see myself living in Hawaii with that aloha spirit.

    Laura: I feel if I didn’t have children (not regretting them for a second), But if life was different and I didnt have kids, I would be an island hopper. Every 2 years Id move to a new place around the world to live. As long as there was a beach and amazing places to explore with happy vibes.
    There’s always jobs for English teachers right? lol
  • Do you ever feel lonely travelling solo?
    Trent: I cant say I ever had this problem. There was maybe one day I was like I wish I was able to share this with someone. From there on, I just continued to enjoy what I had, at that point and selfishly not have to worry about anyone else.

    Laura: Of course at times there are moments when you think ‘I wish I had my friend or family here to enjoy this with’, but also you go on a solo trip for you time and self discovery, so I never really get lonely because Im too busy exploring.
  • The world can be a scary place, when would you encourage your kids to start travelling solo if they wanted to?
    Trent: As soon as they can. Take the opportunity to travel and learn about yourself and have and make your own experiences whilst you are young, live, laugh, learn, be diverse, see the world and all that is different to home life to appreciate the finer and personal things in life.

    Laura: Ohh this is a tough one as a mumma bear I know I would always worry about their safety. But I want my children to live a life or freedom, culture, love, exploration, with amazing life experiences. So I will always be proud and encourage them to chase their dreams of travelling. I think they will know the right time once they are matured, headstrong adults.
  • Are you a hostel traveller? Or prefer hotels & luxury?
    Trent: Hostels don’t bother me. I think there is a time and place for luxury, but really a hotel is just a bed to sleep in. You should be out enjoying everything there is on offer, not stuck in a hotel. Hostels = super cheap = more money to spend on experiences.

    Laura: I’ve never stayed in a hostel, I’ve seen the horror movies. Haha! Also as a female who’d travel solo i didnt think id be safe sharing a room with strangers.. but I cant really comment because I’ve never experienced it. I do however like hotels and airbnbs with my own shower, comfy bed and air con.
  • What has been one food you have eaten overseas that you wish you could buy back here in AUS?
    Trent: I dont think I actually have one.

    Laura: Fresh Hawaiian pineapples! Omg, I thought pineapple was awesome until I had fresh ones in hawaii.. I miss them! And also fresh acai!
  • What memory/memories come to mind when asked – favourite memory on a holiday?
    Trent: Kokoda trail, was a once in a lifetime trip… I remember sitting on the top of the Brigade Hill, where once took place the Battle of Mission Ridge – Brigade Hill. I sat quietly whilst our guide told a story. I felt this pressure of something push down on my shoulders, as if to say, thank you for coming, for sharing, we are here. You are remembers. It was this spirit like feeling that someone was pushing down on my shoulders .. but no one was there. Was it a sign. I will never know.

    Laura: every holiday you create so many amazing memories! I would say Hawaii is definitely on top of the list. Being with Trent someone who is so caring and wants the best for you, made me happy and excited each day. We explored so many things together it was awesome! Skydiving in Hawaii was a great memory! Also hiking Koko Head was tough but so worth it and chatting with a homeless man about his life struggles.
    Id also add exploring the biggest mountain in Oregon USA – Mount Hood, reaching the top and experiencing snow for the first time in my life was a great experience.
  • What’s some advice you would give someone who wants to travel out of their own country but feels uncertain?
    Trent: Stop planning, can the research, go out on a limb and just GO. Wing it. My Trip around the world… nothing was planned. I had my in and out days (flights) booked but not a thing else was booked. I event booked my research as I travelled to the next country, wether it was a hostel, a hotel, an airbnb. It was done at the airport, on a train or in a plane. It was so much more enjoyable.

  • Laura: Just do it. Dont dwell on it because then you will never go. There never really is a right time to travel – as there’s always work, bills and things going on in life. Just do your research, be organised, pack what you need and enjoy a great life experience travelling the world. Also speak to others who have been where you want to go if you need help or advice.
    “Travel, your money will always return but your time wont.”
  • Would you recommend travelling solo to others and why?
    Trent: Definitely, I think everyone should experience the opportunity to travel solo. Like I have previously talked about some of the pros of doing so.

  • Laura: Of course. I tell everyone to do it at least once in their life, no matter how old you are. You learn how to survive, when, who and what to trust, how to make friends, how to find your way around alone and to enjoy your own company at times. Its relaxing, it’s a great way to find yourself and to explore other cultures of the world and also make new friends. It really is a life changing experience, you learn courage, patience, self love and appreciation of what you have in life. So many life skills are made travelling alone, i’ll never regret it and Id do it in a heartbeat.
    Tip: just remember to trust your intuition if something doesn’t feel right.
  • The most weirdest food you have eaten when travelling?
    Trent: Kangaroo tail, Snails, Frogs. Nothing to crazy, I’ve eaten plenty of street food in many different places and questioned a few times what it actually was, but still enjoyed it nonetheless.

    Laura: I haven’t travelled to many exotic places, so the food I’ve ingested has been pretty normal. In recent travels to Hawaii I did try afew new foods like tapioca in an acai bowl and Poke, surprisingly yum.
  • What are the top 3 places on your bucket list to travel to?
    Trent: Africa, Greek Islands, Canada, Croatia. OMG SO many.. I can not limit to three.

    Laura: Ahhh so many amazing options – so straight off the top of my head I would have to say – Canada (Canadian Rockies), Mexico (for my favourite food) and Santorini, no explanation needed it’s the Greek Islands!

Kualoa Ranch – Hawaii

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