A day of firsts in Sydney!

Firstly I should just say, there are going to be many firsts for me in our blogs. I grew up in a loving house hold as a child but my parents were never really that adventurous when it came to weekend trips. I will say my father was a work-aholic, house proud man who would work 6 days a week and on his days off he would be at home mowing lawns, cleaning the pool and washing the cars before falling asleep to the footy on TV at 4pm. No real interest in ‘family time’.

Sadly these are the only memories I now have of my father. At the age of 18 he abandoned my mother, brother and I and I haven’t seen him since. Yeah its sad to know that my dad is alive out there somewhere in the world, or dead, I wouldn’t know, but I think the most saddest thing is that after 18 years with my dad, the only memories I have of him are; him coming home late and tired from work each night, him going to work every morning and him stressing out trying to get pool crystal clean over 3 hours and mowing the lawns to perfection every weekend on his one day off a week so he could nap. WOW.. I know why I crave family time so much now.

It has taught me lot though – his actions have taught me ‘how you act while your children are young, is who they see you as when they become an adult’ and the fact that life is too short! Life is to short to put your career before your family! ‘Dont get too busy making a living, that you forget to make a life’. I know easy to say.. the bills arnt going to pay themselves.

On that note! I have taken my own advice as I am now parent myself to beautiful energetic children, who I endeavor to create the most fun and adventurous life with until Im old and can no longer bungee jump! There is no book on how to be the perfect parent but I want their memories to be great ones.

Sorry, that was way off track! So what I was trying to say, was my life of a young child was very tame and we didnt really explore much out of our home town. But look how much that has change since Trent has come along!
Let me explain what we got up to today in Sydney with the ever amazing Trent and of course his gorgeous son Reece.

We woke on a Saturday morning with no real plan for the day. We knew the weather was going to be great, because we are currently in Winter and when you see its going to sunny with a top of 25’c/77F you definitely dont want to be sitting around inside! So we decided to spend a day in the city!

This is a huge thing for me because as I previously mentioned we never left our home town, going to Sydney was a huge deal, expensive, a massive drive, full of tourists and alot of people – which right there always made my dad say ‘nope we’re staying home!’
Today we decided to try out the new driverless train that recently opened at Schofields called the Metro. The annoying thing was it was a 40 min drive from our house to Tallawong station then a 30 minute train ride to Epping Station, as Metro stops at Chatswood we had to stop at Epping Station to get another train into the City. It was a good experience at least.
An hour or so later we made it to Pitt Street Mall Westfield’s. A huge shopping centre full of high end brands amazing restaurants, the Sydney Tower Eye (formally known at Centre Point Tower) and of course Gucci which Reece was very excited to go in and see, its great if you have $2000 to spend on shoes. If you’re like us they have Cotton On and Nike inside! HAHA!

Trent explained to me that you could actually ride to the top of Sydney Tower from inside Westfields. Its amazing! It was around $25 each and you hop in an elevator and ride to the top to see an amazing 360 view of the city! I never even knew you could do this! It was great.Of course the kids are over it after 5 minutes, but make sure you take the time to take it all in – Trent even met a youtuber there from Shanghai!

The time was now 2pm and of course – we got hungry. So we went back down to the food court where you are spoilt for choice!
We decided to then walk our lunch off straight to the ice cream store – I kid you not! We love ice cream!
We then took in the views of the beautiful buildings of Sydney, ending up at Circular Quay.
We checked out 3 levels of the Australian Museum of Contemporary Arts – it was very .. interesting – its free, but go in with an open mind.
We continued walking along the the warf, right until we reached the most photographed icons in Sydney! The Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House! Wow, it so so beautiful! Not many people around, the weather was still lovely and the sun was going down, a great afternoon.
I could live in the city. So many things to see and do, gorgeous old buildings, art, culture, food! So much history and shopping, but a little impossible with the kids.
I think it was 6pm when we decided to walk back to the station and head home. We all enjoyed the day. Im so glad Trent is like me and not in a rush to push through life. He likes to take everything in, photography, relaxing, people watching – and you can do so much of that in the city!

By 7.30pm we were back home with one very over tired kid.
The day was great, the weather was beautiful and we all got to experience the Metro for the 1st time. Would we use it again? I dont think so, its too far out of our way. But the good news is in the future they are carrying out more construction works to line it straight up into City central which may make it more appealing to us people of the West.

I cant wait for Spring and Summer!! Let the outdoor adventures begin!
Please check out our you-tube video of our fun adventure today! Trent really did an amazing job editing this one with so many amazing shots!

Laura x

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