The dreaded ‘post holiday blues’.. but its ok!

Sitting at my desk, staring out a window that hasn’t been cleaned since 1985, it’s a view Im now accustomed to see 5 days a week. Trust me; every week I wish it was a view from a plane window. I dont hate my job, I just wish I was travelling the world.

The usual crows, busy traffic and people walking by doing their day to day chores, it’s so repetitive.

I don’t know if travelling the world is a positive thing when you think about the after affect. Ok that’s a poor choice of words, travelling is not horrible. But what Im trying to say is, not being on holidays sucks badly! And obviously Im in need of one, Trent and I both.

It’s the post travel depression that gets you, all travellers secretly deep down know what Im talking about, especially when you catch ‘the travel bug’. Why cant we feel the same like we do on holidays? We can!

In my opinion holidays are exciting from the get go. Finding the location, booking the flights, hotel research, planning the activities and then waking up each day counting down the days until you fly out to embark on your new adventure somewhere in the world! While also having an oversized calendar in your cubicle at work so you can yell out the days you have left every morning as you mark another day off, annoying your co-workers!

Before you know it you’re on holidays, it’s exciting, busy, full of new discoveries, personal growth, amazing memories and so much more. But what after that.. the time goes so fast your back at home, spent all of your money, doing house work and getting out of bed each day to go to a job that pays the bills for the next trip. Ahh thats why.. travel is not free! Unless you’re into hitch hiking and dancing on the streets for money.

Wow this is starting to sound like a Debbie Downer post, its not.. but it does bring to light what every traveller goes through. Except those lucky enough to travel the world often as it’s their job! – I envy you. (sign us up Go Pro!)

So how do we cure this post-holiday blues I know people say ‘just book another one’ but for some it’s not as easy as it sounds. I can’t complain too much though as it was only 6 months ago we were in Hawaii. I know, greedy much.

So why are we so full of life, adventurous, carefree and relaxed on holidays and when we are not, craving it so bad?

Because it’s simple. We have escaped our daily grind. We are somewhere we want to be, a place that is new and full of culture, we are ticking things off our bucket list, where there are no time frames, chores or an annoying Debbie from accounts whining about her overweight dog. We are living our best life and can have a Mai tai at 11am if we wanted to. We are busy discovering things full of wonder, feeding our soul and not sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day craving lunch. What makes it even more of a happy vibe is when you are surrounded by others like you. Tourist’s living their best carefree life exploring other parts of the world they had been patiently saving for and randomly talking to you about their hometown.

Then SNAP its back to reality. The dreaded long flight home, the unpacking, loads of washing and making lunches for work the next day.
But why does the excitement and high have to leave like the gross pair of stinky joggers you wore through Manoa Falls in Hawaii? It doesn’t.

Here are the positive vibes I promised you and I must admit in the last few weeks they had started to slowly fade from my persona too.

Its called LIFE. And sometimes life is hard and you know what – thats ok. Challenges are what make us stronger, they make us grow and appreciate the amazing things we do have in life.

By all means its ok to feel down, depressed, angry at the world every now and again, honestly that was me last month, but there are so many other great things in life that outweighs all the negatives, we sometimes need a reminder to see that.

For me thats waking up every morning, its being able to walk, see my kids smile, to laugh, to see the beauty in our world, to be grateful for my career and the fact that I can work hard to save money to plan for my next amazing trip with the most amazing man I have in my life and for him, I am also so grateful.
Sometimes we cant see that, and that too is ok, but just know that better things do come some things just take time. But never give up, you’ve worked too hard for that.
Gosh even sperm had to race with the million mates just to get you out into this world! Ha!

So is post travel blues a thing – hell yes! Its horrible. It has me googling places around the world as soon as Im back from my last trip, checking plane ticket prices and working out how much annual leave we will need to visit Rome. But really is that a bad thing? It’s not the end of the World. Its teaching us patience, teaching us to be thankful we have a career to make money, teaching us to make plans and to dream! Setting goals and making us excited for the future. It gives us something to do on our lunch breaks like ‘googling how much cocktails cost in Canada’ It gives our daily grind a purpose. To appreciate our hard earned money, to make us remember we are not tied down to one location so be excited for change and to remind us that holidays are a way for people to take a break from the monotony of everyday life and celebrate things worth living for.

Life is a huge journey full of ups and downs, but we need to sometimes step back and embrace the amazing things that are right in front of us.

You cannot see the forest for the trees
Look it up

So while I sit here eating my 2 minute noodles which I bet is nowhere as amazing at Cambodian Pho. I dont feel annoyed that my life cant be one big ‘Get Away tv episode’. I in fact I feel grateful that I even have a job, that I have travelled out of my hometown overseas more than once and most importantly I am loved and have someone I love and can travel with!
Some people in my work place have been sitting in the same seat for 32 years and have never left their hometown let alone our country. There’s a homeless man who begs for money every morning covered in dirt, old alcohol stains who maybe one day just wishes he could afford to pay to catch the train for once in his life instead of jumping the turnstiles.

What Im saying is we all have wishes and dreams and hard times in life but it doesn’t mean those goals can never be achieved. Yes post holidays blues suck, but while you’re saving for that next trip – do with what you have now, explore your own town, go for a pointless drive to the beach, sleep in your car and watch the stars at night, walk through rainforests in your own backyard and just lay in the sun on a cliff edge watching the clouds.

Life is still beautiful! And we all need some positivity in the world xxx


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