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Im Laura, a 30 something year old from Sydney, Australia with dreams to explore our amazing planet.
Unfortunately life had a different plan for me growing up, a busy career, mortgage, bills, kids and the fact that I never made time for myself to travel abroad. Until now!
There comes a time in life when you realise you can do anything you desire, of course to get great things in life you must work hard for it. In our case, working our butts off to save for these amazing trips. But also there’s the fact that sooner or later in life you will realise you need to put yourself first, stop putting off goals, stop making excuses and being afraid of something new.

Never be afraid to travel solo or to find someone with the same amazing adventurous soul as you and live life to the fullest together! And thats where I am right now in life.
As a child I was very independant and inquisitive and loved listening to stories and reading all about the 195 countries around the world and I always said “one day I will go there.” Then I hit adulthood, was told of how I should do good in school, study hard, jump into a steady job, pay bills and save all the money I can to buy a house and settle down.. well that was my parents advice, and as a child you follow in their footsteps. (well most of us). But I did just that, got a job, finished my studies, turned down the gap year adventures with school friends after our HSC just to work hard and buy a home. I dont really regret it, especially with house prices these days!
My 1st holiday out of the country was when I was 20, I flew with friends to Rarotonga, Cook Islands. A beautiful small tropical island, full of fresh seafood, coconuts, chickens and coral beaches. I loved it and instantly had the travel bug, but unfortunately the boyfriend at the time did not (I should have seen the signs!) So that was the end of my adventures.

In 2015 I started runway modelling and by chance was invited to America to work for a designer 1 week a year for the next 2 years in Portland, Oregon. This was when I thought, stop saying no to life’s opportunities and start living! So my 1st trip over I took my mother to show her the world isn’t just a small suburb Sydney and we both loved it. The people, food, mannerisms and different rules especially regarding firearms was a big eye opener.

The next year in 2017 I went back to the US alone. I had always felt the need to travel solo, for the quiet, soul searching experience to learn so much about myself and Im so glad I did, I wanted more! Again life got busy, children got older and bills kept coming in.. I felt selfish travelling solo so decided to put the travel bug to the back of my mind and focus on everyone else around me. That was til an amazing man named Trent came into my life.
The aura of this guy I can not explain, but I was drawn to him from the very moment we met. His positive energy was like mine, his outlook on life I could relate to. Our crazy love for food, each other and adventure and his beautiful stories of travelling the world made me so jealous and excited at the same time! Most importantly he made me believe in myself all over again and to not give up on my dreams I’ve had as a child.
So this amazing relationship began and our adventures around the world are just beginning! First stop.. Hawaii.

Laura at Diamond Head – Hawaii


About me. Getting to know you!

My name is Trent, I am 33 years old. I love adventure, I love food and family. I have a little boy… well little but the tude` is huge.. Reece is 9 old and I see him as much as I can as I am an emergency services shift worker.

I grew up quick, loosing my dad when I was just eight old. (I think about how young that is when Reece is only one year more than when I lost my dad). Regardless, I don’t hate and blame the world for that. In sickness in health right. Dad died of cancer, so it is close to my heart.

I married young, divorced some time later. Really all it did was make me a stronger, more thoughtful, more resilient and more understanding and communicable person. So in every sense, I have grown to be a better person in all facets of my life. I have become a better father, a better brother, a better communicator, more confidence and… more of a thrill seeker and explorer of all that our world has to offer.

I want to experience everything I can, I want to live in this day… I want surprise, excitement, adventure, spontaneity, love, laughter and all things great….. I know sounds like I want to live in this positivity bubble. But I am optimistic and I can appreciate the negative, struggles and hardships that I also face day in day out in my personal life and my professional life as an emergency services officer.

So. after the divorce, I dated… and thats all I can really say.. dated. It was all just a bit meh, not fulfilling not worthwhile. Not to say for one minute that I regretted it, because one thing with me is, well, I just don’t regret anything.

Amongst it all, I travelled. Solo travel is the one thing in your life where you learn valuable lessons about yourself. So valuable that Mastercard can’t even buy. Where did I go.. First stop Kokoda.

Kokoda was one of those mentally and physically challenging moments that I can replay in my head every day for the rest of my life. It was emotionally draining, tough in the physically and mentally aspect. The heat, the humidity and the ascending and descending of the incredible landscape was a lot to take in. I remember at one point I was crawling on my hands and knees up a hill. One because I thought I was going to fall off and die and two because I was so exhausted and physically drained from the days climbing that I had nearly given up. Then this sweeping sense of pride, honour, service and commitment overtakes your body and just says. Keep fucking going! Don’t you dare.

I remember making the hill to Brigade Hill after an intense climb, where the battle of Brigade Hill took place. 87 Australians were killed here. Our guide started a story about the battle, as I sat and listened and the glistening of my eyes began this weird thing happened. I felt someone pressing down on my shoulders, like the Aussies reminding me of the responsibilities and pressures they once had on their shoulders, during war. No.. no one was around. It was not a physical feeling but it was sooooo odd that it was both frightening but scarily settling and reassuring.

It was incredible, the experience, the story, the challenge, the fuzzy wuzzy angels, were exactly that. Angels. Angels of PNG. Angels of our Aussies.

So I championed my achievement of Kokoda by rewarding myself.. with yet another holiday… Was Kokoda a Holiday… I am still not quite sure either way holidays are about making memories, I definitely achieved that.

Home for 24 hours and then off I took to experience my AROUND THE WORLD trip.

  • London
  • Paris
  • Rome
  • New York &
  • Los Angeles

This was another amazing trip. I thrived off culture, food, people and activities as a solo traveller that rewarded me in many many ways.. I think I will keep this for another blog and tell you all about it. But all I can say is I wish i stayed longer at every location. 4.5weeks all up and wow I covered some ground across the world. Did I ever get bored by myself… not a chance.

Back home I went and moving forward; >>>> and a few bali trips later.

I wanted someone that I could fall in love with and was going to blow my socks off. I waited and waited. So much waiting that I got greyer, my beards got that whole silver fox cracking on (hello…photographers, hair company’s, silver fox lovers) WAIT.. its distinguishing right! George Clooney eat your heart out. But lucky for me, I waited for that right person, at the right time, when it was just meant to be… See how I fast forwarded just a tad. Laura came along and I am so thankful for that.

In everyday life, I am a Dad, I am a partner, I am a friend and family member. I am an ESO worker. I have two older brothers and a sister and a Step brother and Sister. I love to love, I can be emotional. I cry! I am me. Hello.. I am TRENT.

Diamond Head Crater Trail (Looking toward Waikiki)

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