The dreaded ‘post holiday blues’.. but its ok!

Sitting at my desk, staring out a window that hasn't been cleaned since 1985, it’s a view Im now accustomed to see 5 days a week. Trust me; every week I wish it was a view from a plane window. I dont hate my job, I just wish I was travelling the world. The usual... Continue Reading →

A day of firsts in Sydney!

Firstly I should just say, there are going to be many firsts for me in our blogs. I grew up in a loving house hold as a child but my parents were never really that adventurous when it came to weekend trips. I will say my father was a work-aholic, house proud man who would... Continue Reading →

Questions and answers with Laura and Trent

I love inquisitive people, as I am one myself, so today we will answer the most common travelling questions - for a bit of fun. You have both grown up in Sydney Australia and have both travelled over seas. where would be your next travel destination in your own country and why?Trent: I would love... Continue Reading →

NEW VLOG UPLOADED – We explored Wentworth Falls. Trying the Dji Mavic drone for the 1st time..

New drone test run, kids exploring, drone cuts finger and Trent cracks his new Samsung 10! Oh what a weekend. This weekend we packed our bags, 3 kids into the car and drove up the the road to explore the Charles Darwin walk at Wentworth Falls in hope to capture some amazing views of the... Continue Reading →

Love is stronger than fear..

I've been pondering whether or not to upload this blog for a while, its my life, its raw, its real and Im very protective of the ones i love. Love story's do still exist, passion and romance is real, but the sad thing is love stories are rare in the world these days.. look at... Continue Reading →

We are now on Facebook!

Want to now what we are up to before our next blog? Want behind the scenes footage of where we are blogging next? Or just to see more detailed photos of our amazing trips around the world! Then join our Facebook page NOW! Click here

Hawaii – Day 9. Our last day in paradise

Booze cruises, NY Pizza and the Hilton Fire works! 'You had me at open bar..' Aloha!Today was our last full day on this beautiful island I’d love to call home. We woke with a sad realisation that tomorrow at 8am we would be flying back home to our busy lives. Don’t get me wrong we... Continue Reading →

Hawaii – Day 8

Skydiving, Dukes and Waikiki Beach "Why would you jump out of a perfectly good plane?" Let’s just say skydiving isn’t for everyone, but for some like us two adrenaline junkies, it has been on our bucket list for a while. I’ve always wanted to skydive, to view the world from above, the thrill and rush... Continue Reading →

Hawaii – Day 7

Sunrise at Makai Research Pier & Pearl Harbor When there is so much natural beauty in life it normally gets overlooked and not enjoyed enough as it should be. To me watching a sunrise or sunset is captivating, something we shouldn’t take for granted because it’s a sign we have lived another day on this... Continue Reading →

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