Love is stronger than fear..

I've been pondering whether or not to upload this blog for a while, its my life, its raw, its real and Im very protective of the ones i love. Love story's do still exist, passion and romance is real, but the sad thing is love stories are rare in the world these days.. look at... Continue Reading →

First Vlog…. three evenings later

So creating vlog content is um.... hard lol. First attempt at davinci resolve. Will write more about that shortly but I am really excited about sharing my vlog and would absolutely love some feedback. Things to work on are sound issues. Click below for the YouTube video. Discover the BLUE mountains with us!

We are now on Facebook!

Want to now what we are up to before our next blog? Want behind the scenes footage of where we are blogging next? Or just to see more detailed photos of our amazing trips around the world! Then join our Facebook page NOW! Click here

Hawaii – Day 9. Our last day in paradise

Booze cruises, NY Pizza and the Hilton Fire works! 'You had me at open bar..' Aloha!Today was our last full day on this beautiful island I’d love to call home. We woke with a sad realisation that tomorrow at 8am we would be flying back home to our busy lives. Don’t get me wrong we... Continue Reading →

Take me back.. back again..

Here it is 3pm on a Saturday. It's chilly so chilly in fact I'm wearing a beanie, the clouds are gloomy and grey and there is not a sceric of Hawaii in sight. The depression, of holidayitis is real. The kids are in the distance pulling every toy out of their places a mere distraction... Continue Reading →

Hawaii – Day 8

Skydiving, Dukes and Waikiki Beach "Why would you jump out of a perfectly good plane?" Let’s just say skydiving isn’t for everyone, but for some like us two adrenaline junkies, it has been on our bucket list for a while. I’ve always wanted to skydive, to view the world from above, the thrill and rush... Continue Reading →

Hawaii – Day 7

Sunrise at Makai Research Pier & Pearl Harbor When there is so much natural beauty in life it normally gets overlooked and not enjoyed enough as it should be. To me watching a sunrise or sunset is captivating, something we shouldn’t take for granted because it’s a sign we have lived another day on this... Continue Reading →

Hawaii – Day 6

The North Shore of Oahu Today was a really fun day! We were both so excited to explore the North Shore and it didnt disappoint! The North Shore is something I would not recommend seeing on the town bus. You would definitely need a car for this trip. We were told you can drive around... Continue Reading →

Hawaii – Day 5

Day 5 – Memorial Day Today we woke to a beautiful sunny morning with not a cloud in the sky. ( I apologise now if some words don’t make sense or if punctuation isn’t the greatest it’s 10:30pm on a Sunday night after a busy weekend where I probably should be making kids school lunches, washing... Continue Reading →

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