How easy is it too… save three lives!

Just last week, my son (Reece) and I were having a father and son day out as part of the school holidays. We had just finished an awesome session at the arcade, where Reece fleeted more cash out of me then I originally dictated. Meanwhile.. here I am slamming down coins into the coin pusher, to win 10% less than I am putting into the thing. Arcades! this is how they get you good with their ticketing scams. The lights…. I could see the light… its all the sound and lights… i promise.

So anyway.. we finished. Reece with all off his few thousand tickets come away with a lollie and a pop figure and that selection alone took an hour. I love him, for these little things alone.

We jetted on out of there, avoiding the top up options for a discounted, strategically positioning Reece by way of distraction so he didn’t see the sign… phew it worked. At last… Freedom.

We disappeared around the corner, but a special facility laid wait for me only just a minute or so form where we were. The Red Cross Blood Donation Centre.

No for me, I am a familiar donor, Whole blood, Plasma and I am even on the register for bone marrow.

The simple thing to consider is not that big needle, but my single donation can save three lives. THREE LIVES.. This is incredible. My bodies overproduced blood can be harvested and used to save people, from all walks of life, without discrimination. You need blood, you get it!

So this is so important for me, as an emergency services worked I know just how critical it is for blood donors to donate blood. I have seen it time after time, I have seen emergency blood transfusions take place in paddocks and back of crumpled cars. It could be you or I, your family, friends. My loved ones that needs it next.

It is not a forever product it is people like you and I, and anyone who may read this not being a current donor to step out and take their effort of donation to save peoples lives. Thirty minutes, a juice, a cookie and a milkshake and the proud knowledge that you are doing something great is what it is all about.

Australia is currently suffering a shortage of blood donation. I urge everyone to consider blood donation if you have not donated before.

Ask me questions, get on the website.

Learn more, be informed. Don’t be scared. Be brave. SAVE.

Check out my little vlog of my recent blood donation. Raw.. with minimal editing.

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